Colombo and Home..


And home again…

We use the new year as reason to sleep in a little bit and after buffet breakfast, we check out of the hotel, storing our bags until we head to the airport. 

Colombo, like many large cities, is lacking in signature must-see sights.  We make the most of our time, however, and wander around the National Museum and Viharamahadevi Park before taking a tuk-tuk to a fantastic restaurant for lunch.  Located in the former house of Sri Lanka’s most famous architect, Gallery Café is a quiet restaurant when we arrive, but quickly fills as we enjoy our lunch in the open air dining room, complete with a with a courtyard and reflecting pool.  It is far less hot than the day before, so post-lunch we make our way back to the hotel on foot, walking along the train tracks (and watching the packed train zip by us) and then stopping at the Galle Face Hotel for a drink on the verandah.  By the time we arrive back at the hotel, it is time for us to take the 1.5h taxi ride to the airport.  We leave Sri Lanka at 20:00 on Jan 1 - it is a 5 hour plane ride back to Qatar, where we have a three hour connection, and then a 7h flight to Zurich.  While we manage to say awake on the first flight, we are both asleep before the second flight takes off (a big thank you to the two passengers that agreed to switch seats with MG so we could sit together on both flights). 

We arrive back in Zurich at 6am on Jan 2, thankfully with time to get a pretzel and a Starbucks treat before we take the train home  We havethe whole day to ourselves before heading back to work tomorrow. 

So we being 2013 with two flights and two countries down…check back for our next adventure (and I’m almost embarrassed to say this...) in just three short weeks!!!