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The north pole is not a bad final destination for a suitcase…

Fortunately we have a mid-day flight, so we take advantage of the extra time and sleep through breakfast (and frankly, we’ve done enough eating in the last two weeks that it isn’t a horrible thing to skip another buffet breakfast).   After almost two weeks of morning wake up calls from our expedition leader, it seems strange to not wake up to the words “Good morning Ladies and Gentleman. …

Helsinki (again)


Who forgot to order my private jet?  And I admit, I was wrong about the lack of restaurants in Helsinki. 

When we wake up, we have officially arrived in Murmansk , having secured customs clearance for disembarkation.  Our bags have been cleared from where we left them outside our rooms the night before.  …

The Barents Sea


My Husband, a flexible as a monkey and a PhD!!!

After breakfast, we head to the saloon for a talk from one of the expedition leaders on living in South Georgia (an island in the South Atlantic Ocean).  He had collected some great photos and this only further peaks MG’s interest in seeing the Antarctic – we agree to investigate further.  

Northern Barents Sea


He paid how much??? 

As any journey the was back is far less exciting than the way to a destination.  MG decides he needs some sleep in time and spends the morning in bed.  I get up for breakfast and attend a lecture entitled “Conflicts and conundrums in Arctic Sovereignty”.  Interestingly, the ultimate ownership of the north pole and parts of the arctic continue to be a source of debate.

Franz Josef Land II


Blame it on the weather…

The day starts of promising as the wakeup call includes a possible walrus sighting from the bridge deck.  To this point in the trip there has been much talk about seeing at least one walrus.  We can check off whales, seals and polar bears, but are waiting to see walrus.  Within seconds MG is up, dressed, and camera in hand, he heads to the deck (his ability to get ready in an instant when necessary always impresses me).  …

Franz Josef Land


First steps on Land…

With an early wakeup call, we head to the deck as the vessel approaches Rubini Rock.  We first hear the birds before we can clearly see them, but then there are suddenly thousands.  Hundreds of black and white birds (which resemble tiny flying penguins – and if we had attended the birds of the arctic lecture, we would be more knowledgeable) fly in close proximity to the rock, but there are thousands in total.  …

Nowhere To Go But South


Why didn’t you just say you wanted to see a polar bear… 

With the anticipation of nearing the pole and the excitement /celebration of reaching 90⁰N behind us, we head south – the only direction in which we can travel .   Day 7 is calm and quiet on the boat.  Passengers have achieved the purpose of the trip and the vessel travels back through our original path, moving easily through the broken ice at up to 19Kn.  …

The Geographic North Pole


I prefer to drink vodka after a polar plunge


We’re surprised to wake up and find the ship is still moving…

When we returned to bed after the official north pole arrival celebration the night before, the vessel was supposed to adjust its position and stop in an area where it would be safe to disembark.  It is now 6 hours later, and we’re still moving.  …

The Polar Pack Ice


Polar Ice Pack

Arrival at the Pole – the 94th vessel to reach the 90 Degrees North!

We wake up knowing that today is the day we reach the north pole – the purpose of our voyage!  We are a little disappointed to see that the weather outside is gray, as we were hoping for bright sunny skies; however, we are optimistic that it may improve as the day progresses. …

The British Channel


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Northern Barents Sea


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Has anyone seen my sea legs?

Although the sun did not set, we wake up with the early morning wakeup call from our expedition leader at 7:30am.  Through the ship’s PA system, he again welcomes us onboard and runs through the events of the day ahead.  As we get up we feel the ship moving…really feel it moving…like, grab the walls as we walk moving. …

Voyage to 90° North


Helsinki to Murmansk to the 50 Years of Victory... 

Our wakeup call is at 4am and by 5am all passengers are assembled in the lobby of the Crown Plaza, Helsinki.  The voyage has been filled to capacity - 127 passengers in total (excluding the crew and expedition team). As we wait, anxious to get on the bus to the airport, we consider the other passengers - wondering what motivated them to select this trip?  …



Out and about in Helsinki...

Our North Pole adventure begins with a stop in Helsinki, Finland.  We arrive midday in Helsinki (with a connection in Düsseldorf).  Although we have to wait for our hotel room, we are upgraded to a suite.  

After checking in at the hotel, we set out to explore the city.  As we wander around, we quickly realize that the sights are limited (as is the restaurant selection), but the weather is nice and we enjoy the afternoon.  …