A long journey home


Hawai'i is a long way from home…cab to plane, to plane, to plane, to plane, to train, to train, to bus, to HOME. 


On the way to Hawaii, the break in Toronto helped to split the travel time.  We don’t have such a luxury on the way home.   

We leave O’ahu shortly after 20:00 and with the time zone change and flight time, we arrive in Vancouver shortly after 5.00 local time,  As we board the plane to Toronto, our upgrade request is accommodated and they are able to upgrade us to business class.  Somehow this makes it less of a hassle when the plane needs to be swapped for another one due to a technical issue.  Thankfully there is another plane ready to go and it gives us time to make one final patriotic stop at Tim Horton’s.  We land in Toronto in the late afternoon and meet SM for drinks and laughs as we pass the layover time. 

Not quite sure in which time zone our bodies are operating, but we’re in good spirits as we get on the final plane to Zurich.  While I generally don’t have problems, I struggle to sleep on the plan.  As MG wakes up from a few hours of sleep, he magically gets me to fall asleep too.  We arrive in Zurich a day later.  Welcome home pretzels in hand, the dreaded train ride home with luggage isn’t as painful as anticipated.  We make the connections and are home in less than an hour, finding a convenient bus stop and the smooth wheels on MGs new suitcase improve the transit experience. 

In the end we had a whirlwind trip, that didn’t quite turn out how I expected, but was a lot of fun…as it always is “out and about” with my favourite person.

Looking forward to a completely different adventure…in 69 days…stay tuned. 

 xo M&M